Corporaal Enterprises has aligned with Drill Sampling Technologies to offer innovative drill sampling equipment for mineral exploration and grade control. From individual equipment components through to full sampling systems, complete with PLC controllers, Drill Sampling Technologies has the full range.

Through Drill Sampling Technologies, we offer high quality Australian engineered & manufactured equipment that is produced locally, in our Welshpool WA workshops, and exported globally.

The design philosophy at Drill Sampling Technologies is one of simple innovation, underpinned by a commitment to continual development and improvement. They look at what works, and what doesn’t work, and tailor their designs accordingly to ensure the most efficient and work-safe equipment possible.

By taking a wide range of expertise and feedback from existing clients into consideration and continually striving to improve their products, this innovative company aims to produce equipment that is durable in the harsh Australian conditions and therefore require little or no maintenance.

Drill Sampling Technologies product range includes:

  • Full Sampling Systems (For Blast Hole Drill Sampling and Reverse Circulation)
  • Riffle Splitters
  • Cyclones
  • Stationary Cone Splitters (2 & 3 Port Designs)
  • Dump & Collection Boxes (Pneumatic Trap Door & Hydraulic Knife Gate Type)
  • Control Systems (Manual & PLC Control)
  • Rotary Port Cone Splitters (2 & 3 Port Designs)
  • Adaptors & Spare Parts to Suit our Competitors Products

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