Drilling Consumables

Corporaal Enterprises can provide all of your drilling needs at an affordable price!

  • Swivels

  • Blow downs

  • Drill rods

  • Subs

  • Digout subs

  • Shock subs

  • Air core bits

  • Hole openers

  • Stabelizers

  • Deflector boxes

  • Sample hose & fittings

  • Stuffing boxes

  • Fishing tools

  • Lifting bails

  • Thread protectors

We have taken our consumables designs to the next level and integraded advanced techniques and technologies to give you maximum reliability and proformance every time. Product evolution is key to get a step up from your competition, so dont settle for the same old products that havent advanced into the future with the rest of the world. Speak with one of our reps today to find our more on our product developments

click here to download drilling consumables brochure

click here to download 3" air core brochure