Responding to recent calls for increased safety in the workplace, we have designed a safer, hands-free way to breakout drill tooling while simultaneously increasing productivity. Corporaal Enterprises’ answer to this demand for a safer workplace is the Hydraulic Breakout Wrench.

Underpinned by our team’s vast experience in designing custom breakouts to suit customer preference and drill rig models, the Hydraulic Breakout Wrench is built on standard Corporaal Enterprises parts, ensuring a swift production and great ongoing service. We will also happily come out to your workplace and install the Hydraulic Breakout Wrench to ensure that your team is back to drilling as soon as possible.

See below for our range of breakout benches or contact one of our friendly team today to discuss which model will best suit your workplace and business.

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If size is an issue, click here to see our compact breakout wrench - the Razorback