Corporaal Enterprises draws on its decades of industry experience to assist customers in need for professional advice when issues arise. Our staff have combined drilling & mining industry knowledge to help overcome any problems no matter the nature. CE has helped multiple customers through complications getting them back to drilling and avoiding costly exercises. The next time you have a dilemma, try giving Corporaal enterprises a call.

Design work

Drawing on our team’s 50+ years of experience in the drilling industry, Corporaal Enterprises’ can design drilling equipment for any workspace, site or requirement.

Our expert design team will work closely with the client to ensure that all requirements are met in the end product. Using Autodesk’s Inventor & AutoCAD programs, projects can be planned out and tested before manufacturing allowing clients to preview the aesthetics, functionality and safety specifications of the product before it is sent to the workshop for production. Autodesk Inventor can even show our clients how the product will integrate with their current systems.

Valuing innovation, quality production and safety in everything we do, Corporaal Enterprises can design and build you ideal product to complement your existing workshop equipement and systems. Contact us today to discuss how we can design you the ideal product to enhance your drilling or mining operations.