The 120CE ENDURO air swivel is designed to be durable and reliable. Rather than the more commonly used o’ring seals used by other manufacturers, the 120CE ENDURO air swivel uses high temp, high pressure rotary seals, allowing for a longer service life and more dependability.

In most cases when it is time to replace an air swivels seals, it’s necessary to remove the swivel from the drill head which is a lengthy and laborious process, bring an extended halt to drilling. This is NOT the case for the 120CE ENDURO air swivel, the swivel can remain attached to the drill head with the bull hose fitted. Simply use jacking bolts to pop the seal cartridge out from the bottom of the swivel, exchange the old seals for new ones and reinstall the seal cartridge. Less frequent and easier serviceability allows for less down time and more drilling.


Like its larger counter part, the 3 1/2” ENDURO air swivel is equipped with hight temp, high pressure rotary seals & hard chromed seal sleeves. This swivel is ideal for Aircore set ups.


Our CE60-SRS 2 sample swivel is equipped with opposing dual spherical roller bearings which are widely spaced to evenly distribute torque through the housing and shaft, maximizing bearing life and making it robust enough to cope with the challenging conditions of testing environments. This sample swivel runs v pack seals at the top end, which are easily replace by simply removing the blowdown adapter plate. The seals are run on a hard chrome and ground sleeve, making this sleeve as the replaceable sealing surface rather than on the shaft is far more cost effective.