Corporaal Enterprises has launched a new line of drilling consumables, unlike anything on the market. 

we have been listening to our customers and taken onboard their input when designing our range of consumables to focus on the best interests of the end user. Our aim is provide the best quality and results for our customers as possible, while still remaining competitive on price.

What really sets our products apart from the rest is the integration of new ideas. Instead of doing the same old run of the mill swivels, deflector boxes or bits; we worked hard to create something special. An example of what we try to achieve is our DUROBLOCK. The DUROBLOCK has been working with great success, often giving more than 5 times the life of standard deflector box wear tiles. 

Another example is our CE30 blowdown, this blowdown is built to work on a low air pressure tolerances, making it ideal for small diameter drilling & air core work. 

We also take serviceability and service life into consideration when designing our products, so as to maximise drill time when using CE products.

Click to here to download our consumables brochure.